Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Little Tipsy: Signed, Desparately seeking something to label

What has become of me?  Today, in search of some free label templates to use as book plates and decorations (featured in the pic above) for a strawberry lemonade themed baby shower (also check out the strawberry lemonade cupcakes), I stumbled upon a new love.  Labels!  Vintage labels, trendy labels, labels for school supplies, for my daughter's room, for my kitchen, for my ever-expanding office, labels of all sizes. . .why didn't I think of this sooner?  I shouldn't be surprised.  This new crush is the perfect collision of my desire to organize and my love of pretty things.  And yes, my guilty confession that I harbor the secret suspicion that if everything just had its place in my home, life would be perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect, but at least I wouldn't have to dig through my unfolded laundry twice a week to find my wallet.

So let's talk labels.  Giving a gift and don't want to waste the money (or paper) on a silly card?  How about a beautiful vintage label?  Just got the supply list for your daughter's preschool and are wondering how the heck you are supposed to write her name on everything?  How about a funky label?  Can't tell the salt jar from the sugar?  Label it!

Here are links to my favorite site for free labels, vintage and contemporary: iDiY.  Designed to help the do-it-yourself bride, "IDo"-it-Yourself is a great resource for all things homemade and pretty (two adjectives I have learned do not always co-exist in harmony).
Free Vintage Labels (Excellent book plates in my opinion)
Free Labels thanks to The Container Store (I like these for school supplies)
Odd-shaped Labels (The circle ones are perfect for gifts)
Wish-I-had-a-Reason Labels (I adore these and am currently scheming an excuse to use them. . .definitely the makings of a kick-ass jelly jar lid)

So buy yourself a pack of blank labels for your printer or better yet, 8 1/2 x 11 self-adhesive paper that will let you decide where to cut (because aren't circle labels, oval labels and odd-sized labels with scalloped edges cool too?!?) and have at it!  The only trouble is that after a while, if you're like me, you reach the moment when you are simply roaming around the house searching for something in need of an oval vintage fleur-de-lys label.  And that is when you know it's time to put the little beauties aside and move on to the other 95% of life that defies labeling.

But when you're dealing with the 5%, why not make it beautiful, right?  Looking forward to hearing how my fellow organistas and lovers of all things pretty use these labels.

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Heather said...

I too am a label lover. These are some of my favorites, lots of different styles within the box (not just the adorable animals pictured on top) for a variety of uses/personalities that you may be giving gifts to.

Jessica DeMink-Carthew said...

Those are awesome! Totally added to my Christmas list. Thanks for sharing!