Sunday, August 14, 2011

The ebbing tide of summer

This one goes out to anyone who, like me, is feeling the perplexing blend of terror and excitement that comes with an impending school year.

The ebbing tide of summer
is pulling me away
from carefree
from the luxury of a mid-day nap
from candying lemons
from "What shall we do today?"
from the simple beauty of
bats dancing intricate patterns
across the glory
of a sky that hesitates
between day and night
from crickets chirping ever so deliberately
as if to say
Wait! Wait! Wait!
There's much to do!
Too much to do!
yet even as their call
still echoes in my ears
The ebbing tide of summer
is pulling me in
to the crisp edges of virgin notebooks
to the futile sheen of a freshly waxed floor
to unadulturated erasers
to the precise points
of eagerly sharpened pencils
to empty chairs like question marks
pregnant with anticipation
to voices chattering
spinning tales
of an already distant summer
even as we all peer forward
to the new beginning
that marks each end of summer.

by jdc


Catalin said...

Very nice poem, thanks! I am willing to accept THIS as poetry! (too often I hear on NPR cleverly-written - aka poetical - prose cataloged as poetry)

Jessica DeMink-Carthew said...

Oooooh so happy you liked it! Thanks for reading. I am so happy to have this outlet for when I feel creatively inspired. :)