Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just A Little Tipsy: Baby powder knows where my sand goes

Do you ever stumble upon a tip that is so fabulously simple and wonderful that you just can't wait to share it with other people?  The kind that you find yourself trying to slip into conversation because it has made your life so much easier, you want to find ways to pass it along?  Yes, I am that person.  The one lurking behind you, waiting to drop a tip-bomb on you that, while perhaps remarkably off topic, will send you running to do your very own road test.  And so, through the magic of the internet, allow me now to indulge in some good old fashioned tip-ology.

Baby powder is the antidote to sandy butt crack.  It is.  But let me, ahem, back up a bit.
I love the ocean and yes, I even love the sand.  I am not ashamed to be that person riding the shore break until my swimsuit becomes so sand-logged I need to give it a good jiggle before standing up or risk losing the battle with gravity.  I love sitting in the sand and building a castle or digging a hole with my daughter.  What I do not love, however, is the sand that clings to my legs and arms, creeps into unwelcome places and refuses to let go even after a good shake-off.  I despise the misery of sitting in a sand-logged suit for the ride home and feel guilty piling my kiddo into her car seat with sand all over every square inch of her body.  Yes, there are showers (although let's face it, I know very few adults or children who welcome the brutality of an ice cold beach shower) but even so, we seem to inevitably find a way to magically re-coat ourselves in the journey from the shower to the car.  So what's a beach-lover to do but grin and bear it?

Baby powder.  It wasn't until our last month in Hawaii that I discovered this amazing weapon against the itchy car ride home, this savior from the icy shower.  Having seen a bottle of baby powder in a surprisingly high number of trunks, I had just assumed people had a thing for the stuff but it wasn't until my husband and I witnessed someone dousing a willing kiddo with a cloud of powder just before jumping in the car that I made the connection.  I am no scientist, nor am I much interested in how this magic works, but it turns out that just a dash of the powder rubbed over the skin undoes that sticky bond created by sun screen, saltwater and sand, leaving your skin a little paler, smelling vaguely of baby and most definitely sand-free.  It's the perfect fix for the stuff that sticks to your legs and feet during the trip from rinsing off to the car and even better for cleaning off your kiddo before putting on new clothes for the ride home---a ride which, thanks to this tip, will involve a little less itching in the pants.

Note: Since there is some research suggesting that talcum powder is linked with cancer and that inhaling talc is not a good idea for anyone, but in particular babies, there are great options for talc-free baby powder, including Burt's Bees Dusting Powder which has the added benefit of smelling delicious and is made with corn starch instead of talc.

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