Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just A Little Tipsy: Vinegar in your laundry

Okay so in keeping with this beach theme, second only to my disdain for sandy butt syndrome is my ire for the stench of moldy towels.  Call me snobby but wiping dry with a towel that smells musty makes me want to step right back into the shower and start over again.  You know the smell I'm talking about, right?  Maybe you left the laundry in the washer and forgot about it for a few days too many (oops) or maybe you left the beach towels in the beach bag until your next trip (ick) but either way, once that smell grabs hold of fabric, its hard to shake.  I have tried re-washing, doubling the detergent, even buying the heavy duty stuff designed to eat odor.  Yet even as my hope swells when I pull those clean towels out of the dryer odor-free, it's one shower later and the smell is back, leaving me wedged between the urge to pitch them in the trash and my frugality that refuses to quit on anything potentially salvageable.

So imagine my amazement when I discovered that. . .wait for it. . .
white vinegar kills the moldy stench.  White vinegar!!  Yes, that's right---even the cheap stuff in the big jug sitting in my pantry all along.  And just a cap-full no less!  One cap-full dumped in with the detergent over the offending towels and you are free to shower without fear, free to wipe your face and breathe at the same time.  Okay so it's not world peace or anything but sometimes it's the little triumphs that get us through the day and if you're anything like me, there's something satisfying about winning at least one battle against the laundry monster.  Mark it.  That's one point for the smiling lady with the industrial sized jug of vinegar!

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