Thursday, August 18, 2011

A stolen moment with the rain

in secret
and under the clandestine cover
of a slanted awning,
I stole a moment
to be with the rain.
Inside the hum of the house
I could hear its whisper,
the seductive allure
of its distant thunder
promising relief
from the sticky sadness
of a summer day
spent hiding from the sun.
And so
amidst the push and pull
and rush and wait
that accompany
the preparations
of a mid-week meal,
I slid out the back door
to take in
the hush and stillness
of the summer rain,
to stand in its sweetness
as the heat
was slowly caressed
from the air.
For a moment,
I was nothing
but an ear to listen to the softness,
a nose to breathe deep gulps of freshness,
a million pores waiting
to be chilled
and re-awakened.
For a frozen instant,
I was astounded
by the lightness
of life's moments
and the terrifying ease
with which they slip by
lost in the fray
of survival.
in secret
and under the clandestine cover 
of a slanted awning, 
I stole a moment 
to be with the rain
and was reborn.

by jdc

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