Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Last Taste of Summer: Tart Cherry Clafouti

The finished product hovered over by an eager taster. :)
I meant to blog this one a while ago since ***brrrrr*** I'm pretty sure summer ditched us a while back but hey, clafouti is good year round.

This tasty last bite of summer was inspired by the remaining tart cherries we picked on a summer trip to Larriland Farm.  To be honest, I have been carefully (and somewhat selfishly) rationing them, too sad to see them disappear entirely.  These are the same cherries I used in my "Patriotic Muffins", first ever "Blue-cherry Jamboree" and Cherry amaretto cake (See below).  And yet, even after my baking frenzy, I was still swimming in cherries. . .such a happy predicament!

Having discovered that these are equally delicious thrown into my morning oatmeal, it's honestly a miracle that any of these frozen yummies survived into September.  And so, although I was sad to see them go, the imminent end of summer inspired me to send them out with a bang---enter Julia Child's clafoutis.  Let it be known that 1) My mom is French and a kick-ass cook, 2) I frequently crave random deliciousness from my childhood, and 3) I seem hopelessly unable to recreate any of them, most likely due to a combo of my inability to stick with a recipe and my Mom's intuitive cooking style which means she infrequently has one.  And so I own Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which I am convinced is the most reliably fabulous cookbook ever made.  (If you don't own it, buy it, crack open a bottle of wine and cook something outrageously delicious with someone you love.)  It is the book I turn to when I want something decadent, packed with the signature French complexity of flavors and sure to be so yummy I lick my plate.  It is not, however, the book to turn to when you are trying to cut back on the calories.  But you know what?  Butter is freakin' delicious and I deserve it every so often goshdarnit!

If you don't own the book (did I mention you should buy it?), however, Julia Child's recipe can be found on Cooking with Amy, a fabulously fun food blog (warning---this one's kind of a rabbit hole you might never climb out of if you start exploring) with the slogan "read it and eat it".  Yes ma'am.

I admit (gasp) to actually following this recipe with fidelity, mostly because it's so simple.  With the right cherries (we all agreed that the tart cherries added something special), the fruit takes center stage, perfectly set off by the delicate sweetness of the batter.  Oh, and while this is so yummy warm and out of the oven, chilled out of the refrigerator the next day is my absolute fave. Sigh. . .so wishing there were more cherries hiding in my freezer.  Time to go pick some apples!!!

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