Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Patterns in the fabric

Outside my bedroom window
there once sliced
an endless stripe of blue
the precise union
of ocean and sky
indecipherable to the eye
the dance of palms
on the beat of the trades
cast wild shadows 
across our day.
At night
the hum and whoosh 
of the surf
the rise and fall of the Pacific
pounded in our ears
until to sleep was to swim
and our dreams 
sailed on crashing waves. 
Sunlight and palms,
ocean and sky,
a tapestry
within which we
lived our lives.
Outside my bedroom window
worlds away today
a dizzying mix
of sturdy trees
rolling grass 
brilliant sky
and cityscape
blend until I am unclear
which is which
leaves still green
yet touched
ever so delicately
by the brightness of a new fall
sway to the rhythm
of a crisp wind
punctuated by the bustle of traffic below. 
And as I lie in bed 
ears filled with the wind
and the passing cars
and the dancing leaves,
I can hear the ocean
and the trades 
and the palms
in the pulse
around me 
and I am submerged
in the beauty
of the patterns in the fabric.

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Anonymous said...

Love this one jess.