Saturday, November 12, 2011

The strange confusion of autumn

It's a strange confusion
I feel in autumn
as the cool touch of death's finger
explodes my world
into a kaleidoscope
of red, yellow
and orange.
who free fall proudly
in somber certitude,
form a jewel-toned carpet
of crunch and swoosh,
a landscape of beautiful decay
against which I am startlingly alive.
Yet in the silent stoicism
of a gently fading world
there echos the unspoken terror
of another year gone,
the buds whose birth
I first witnessed
like gems
shining me awake
from my winter's sleep
are now
too soon
returned to their darkness.
And in this heady mix
of vibrance and death
of awe and grief
I am shrouded
in fiery remembrances
and left to wonder
at the beauty of an end,
to envy the perfection
of nature's last breath
and to hope that my exit
from this world
might be as poetically
as the falling
of an autumn leaf.

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