Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fun-kid-elic Activities: Homemade Pine Cone Swag

Siena's really into "making collections" these days, most of which are usually composed of variations of found objects. The back seat of my car is full of twigs and I live in a world where it is not uncommon to find a stash of rocks under my pillow. So when it came time to start brainstorming holiday crafts this year, I decided to embrace the little hoarder in my life, letting her loose to scavenge anything that caught her interest during our morning run. The results: lots of pine cones, sticks, leaves and acorns.

Add a little paint and some creativity and we made ourselves some fabulous pine cone swag to decorate our doors. . .and to keep the three-year-old hands happily busy.  :) This is a great one to kill time and get your hands dirty with the little one. (Although have some good soap on hand to cut through any residual sap on those sticky fingers!) I am loving the way these brighten up the halls with a splash of handmade color and she sure was proud (and so was I!) to hang them up and see them each day.

Happy Holidays!

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