Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just a little tipsy: A no-stick way to roll out your dough

Even my 3-year-old can do it. . .may she never know the pain of a sticky rolling pin!
Wishing I got this one out before the holidays to save some of you fabulous people the frustration of a nicely battered rolling pin during the throws of holiday panic baking. . .11 months to practice for next year!  ;)

Something about the idea of using a rolling pin is fabulously domestic.  In reality, however, my experiences actually rolling out dough are usually two parts profanity and one part feelings of inadequacy.  Why can't I just roll the darn dough?  No amount of flour or freezing the pin can prevent the mess I inevitably create and I am often left scraping the dough from the rolling pin and then squooshing it back together Humpty-Dumpty style.

Enter wax paper! (Or parchment paper if you want to be fancy about it. . .not clear on the difference honestly.)  This baking season, while trying out my whole-wheat variation of Rachael Ray's perfect pie crust recipe, one line in her magazine version of the recipe changed my crust-making life forever.  Roll out the dough between two pieces of wax paper.  Seriously?!?  Why did I not think of this?  Why did no one tell me this before?!?  Lightly flour both wax paper sheets, place dough between them, and roll away, being careful to smile smugly as you flaunt your domestic prowess (see below for example).  Two sheets of wax paper=baking bliss.

Additional tipsy: This one's great for pizza dough too!

Example of smug domestic smiling.

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