Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Meatless Monday" Challenge on Jesstimonials: Join me!

What if you could make one small change a week. . .
that could help your heart,
and the planet?
Would you?

Here it is in a nutshell: I used to be vegetarian then I was vegan then I was carnivorous with a vengeance and now I'm looking for that happy medium. Enter Meatless Mondays. Whatever your reason (and there are many), cutting back on meat can be beneficial to your health, your wallet, and the planet. I know this. Since I am cheap, kind of granola, and health-conscious, you would think that throwing in a veggie meal here and there would be a no-brainer for me. Yet somehow in the push and shove of the week, I tend to forget and if I'm not careful, we're eating our way through a small barnyard by Friday.

I have no interest in being preachy. You can eat your cow and have your chicken too and never be judged by me. I get it. What I do want to talk about is small choices that can make a big difference. What could be achieved if we each committed to one day a week meat-free? Check it out:

Need more? Here's one that works well for me: Think about your budget. Meat is expensive. What could you do with the money you would otherwise spend on meat? I'm thinking wine or shoes or books or even the luxury of eating out an extra time a month. Or maybe your very own Forever Lazy?  (Can you believe that thing's for real?!?)

One more: You know how we're always telling the little ones (and some of the big ones) in our lives to try new foods and to eat their vegetables. We mean it, right? So why do we relegate our non-meat ingredients to the oblivion of sidekick? Kinda elitist and a smidgen hypocritical when you think about it. If veggies are so important, why are they so often an afterthought on our plates? (Sure, veggies are great, Mom. (Wink wink). The pea next to my burger is my favorite part.) This is a great one to help you check off "live by example" from the list of resolutions. Involve the kiddos in brainstorming new veggies to try and creative ways to serve up your favorites and you have yourself a family activity for the most painful night of the week. Food is best when it's fun and flavor-packed. Vegetarian dishes are no different. Imagine what wonders could be created if the whole family were involved. . .deep fried princess castle of mixed crudites anyone? Okay maybe the three-year-olds shouldn't have full creative license.  
Now I'm getting all excited. . .food, family, frugality, and fun? Be still my heart. Sounds like the perfect fix for the Mondays and a great way to kick off the week. Why Mondays? The official Meatless Mondays site has a few of their own lofty reasons but here are mine: alliteration is cool and the traditional Friday is frankly a pain in the rear for us omnivores who occasionally want to eat dinner with friends. 

Jesstimonials has pledged to go meatless on Mondays. Won't you join me? Puh-lease? For my part, I'll post easy (we're talking Mondays after all) and yummy recipes every weekend to inspire your meatless  adventure and in exchange, you take up the challenge with me! Share your ideas, recipes, and experiences by commenting on the posts and let's get a community going. Who's in? Comment below with an enthusiastic "I heart Meatless Mondays! Can't wait to cook me up some (insert favorite meat-free ingredient or dish here)" to show your support.  Mondays just got a whole lot cooler.

  • Check out the Meatless Mondays site for basic info, tips, more recipes, and news on the movement.
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Failed attempt at Meatless Monday art.  Still makes me laugh though.
(Oh, and yes, those are red onion and rosemary earrings. :)

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Jessica DeMink-Carthew said...

I heart Meatless Mondays! Can't wait to cook me up some pita pizzas!