Monday, January 23, 2012

Waking up to "Blue Monday": Anyone else feeling the effects?

I mean. . .really?!? Blech.
Was rolling out of bed this morning particularly hard or was it just me?  The sickly combo of grey skies and the pallor of melting snow mixed with mud does little to inspire me on any given day but perhaps today was different. As reported in an article from CTV News, at least one psychologist has controversially named the third Monday or January the most depressing day of the year.  Widely criticized for his over-use of the term "depression", psychologist Cliff Arnall nonetheless makes some compelling claims regarding this time of year, specifically the potentially toxic brew that can result from failed New Year's resolutions, Christmas bills, bad weather, and winter lethargy. 

We've been lucky in D.C. so far. Our winter has been gentle and interrupted by unseasonably warm days of sunshine. Today, however, looks like someone snuck in and sucked the color out of the world overnight, taking my motivation along for good measure. I don't like waking up in a Dutch painting. It's just not my thing. So this got me to thinking. . .what do you all do to fight off the winter blues?  I, for one, will be tossing back a sunshine pill (my pet name for my Vitamin D supplement: check this article out to read about the alarming prevalence and health risks associated with Vitamin D deficiency), eating a citrus-y salad, and going to buy new makeup.  Here's to hoping we wake up to a brighter tableau tomorrow.  And if not, at least my eyelids will be colorful. . .

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