Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Everyday Moral Dilemma: Is that a bottle in your pants?

Here's an everyday moral dilemma for you all.  I think I saw someone steal something yesterday and I have been working it over in my brain ever since. I would love the chance to analyze and talk this one through. In all fairness, yesterday I was rocking a double pink eye infection (that's right. . .that's how I kick it for Valentine's Day) and was under the influence of that strange concoction of no sleep and sinus pressure. Yet I am quite certain about what I saw.

The Situation
While browsing the hair products as I waited on my prescription yesterday (WHY does it take so long to label and bag a bottle of eye drops?!??!), I saw a man around my same age lingering in the aisle with me.  He was teetering from foot to foot, a move I interpreted at first to be indicative of an urgent desire to pee, but upon closer examination, I saw that he was struggling to put something in his baggy pants. Wedged between his belt and shirt, covered by a loosely fitting jacket, I glimpsed two or three bottles of some presumably hair-related product.  In disbelief, I watched him shifting and adjusting the fabric to achieve maximum concealment. He did not meet my eyes but stared at the ground, repeatedly sniffing in a manner which I find retrospectively confusing, leading me in the moment to a feeling that he was not in his right mind.  He then teetered his way down the aisle, past the store manager, all of the check-out counters, the shoplifting prevention device, and out the door into the parking lot.  I stood stunned and watching, waiting for the hidden cameras to descend upon me. What was the right thing to do in this situation???

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An said...

People are resourceful! And I have no clue what I would do in a situation like that. If I was born in the years where humans were developing their flight or fight reaction, I would be dead. I always resort to the other f: freeze.

If it's too weird that one of your students is commenting, I'm sorry, let's blame this on google, and you don't have to release my comment to the public. :) I hope you are having an awesome school year! Hooray for summer!